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If your power switch regularly trips , this indicates that your installation has insufficient power for your requirements.

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The more voltage and intensity, the more power your meter will require. The table below displays the power required to supply the intensity that you need. Please first ask your electrician for advice. He can provide you with more information about the most appropriate solution for your needs. There are 2 possibilities :. For such modifications you must always contact Sibelga , the distribution system operator for natural gas and electricity in the Brussels-Capital Region. Sibelga is responsible for electricity connections, independent of the energy suppliers.

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Circuit Breaker Control Schematic Explained. Protective Relay Protection Element Tests. Circuit Breaker Accessories Explained.

Switchboard Ratings. Transformer Insulation Classes.

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Three-Phase Transformer Winding Connections. Peak vs. Average vs. RMS Voltage. Circuit Breaker Contact Arrangements: Straight-through vs. SF6 Circuit Breakers. Safety II. Theory III.

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Testing IV. Basic Electrical Terms and Definitions Understanding electricity requires knowledge of these basic electrical terms. Share this page. Electrical Substation Bus Schemes Explained. Transformer Winding Resistance Testing Explained. Transformer Humming Noise Explained. Transfer Switch Testing and Maintenance Guide.

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Switchgear and Switchboard Inspection and Testing Guide. Transformer Polarity Test Procedures. Introduction to Transformer Turns Ratio Testing. Follow TestGuy. Popular topics right now. Tech Quiz Study Guide. Electrical Testing References. Follow us.

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Fortunately Mars Hydro is very forthright and includes Actual Power Consumpion in the title of the listing. Before we continue, we need to point out that one of the most important reasons to pick a reputable grow light manufacturer is for safety reasons. The cost of the light, even American lights, is dwarfed when compared to the value of the cannabis grown with that light. Hopefully this is enough to help you determine what kind of LED light you want to buy.

They have very competitive prices on Amazon, as referenced in this post. Do keep in mind however that even though they have our recommendation, you should question their lights just as you would other Chinese grow lights. They even have Cree-powered, USA-made lights e. A big part of the reason we recommend Mars Hydro is because they have good videos comparing their lights to counterfeits on their youtube channel , where they explain all the differences and show their lights read with voltage and PAR meters.

Stoner Pros. Toggle navigation. LED Buyers Guide. This is the most useful piece of information. Unfortunately because this is the lowest of the three representations of wattage, vendors who are trying to sell their product almost never advertise this.