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We're all peasants. All the better.

Accustomed to hardship. Zaitsev stepped before a tall, lithe blonde girl.

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He noted her stare. This, he thought, is no peasant. Tania looked at Yuri's hand shake Fedya's. His fingers were thick and powerful with blunt nails.

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The knuckles were gnarled from labor. She guessed he had worked on one of the millions of Soviet collective farms.

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And despite the grim horror of their deadly work, readers will care about and remember them. Dennis J.

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Book reviews War of the Rats David L. One of their most potent weapons is the crack sniper school developed by Vasily Zaitsev.

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Its members can pick off the enemy at long range, and their daring tactics hiding for hours in no man s land until a brief opportunity presents itself mean that no German, and particularly no German officer, can ever feel safe. This part of the battle is as much psychological as anything, and to counter the continuing threat to German morale, the Nazi command bring to the city their own top marksman, Heinz Thorvald. His mission is simple: to identify, and kill, Zaitsev.

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Based on a true story, War of the Rats is a brilliantly compelling thriller which brings vividly to life probably the most harrowing battlefront of the Second World War. The Assassins Gallery. Wheels of Terror. The World According to Anna.

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