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Once the arrangements were made the flag was found short. But this theory requires that the crown did not exist yet in midth century.

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To compensate the shortness of the flag and continuing a neoghotic usage then prevailing, the flag was united to the hoist through a bluish-gray piece of fabric, covering the junction with a red band and on the bluish-gray band was put the leaves of the crown and on the red the circlet's ornaments. The royal senyera remained the same, though swallowtailed instead of round-ended, a more recognizable design; the addition was thus intended to hang the flag and to complete it and not as part of it.

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The weaknees of this theory is the great probability that the crown already existed. If the flag resulted short, the embroidered crown should not have remained in the bluish addition, but in the part of the bars; if a totally new flag had been created, the addition would have been then unnecessary.

The crown is hardly recognizable without the aid of texts, because of its successive stylizations. Guillem Renat Josep Giner said in about the blue: "It has been preserved the 19th century usage of joining the flag to the hoist through a piece of fabric, generally bluish. In Valencia the provincial valencianists believe that the band serves to differentiate the flag from the Catalan one. The poor guys do not even know how was the medieval Valencian flag like. Hundred of times has been written that the Valencian flag is the four bars on golden field.

There is no allussion at all to any other color. It is necessary to use the Valencian flag without drawings nor ornament s, nor powder nor any other addition more or less bluish".

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The ceremonial for the flag was created presumably by king Peter III of Catalonia and establishes that the flag should not be bowed before anybody; that should not to leave through the door but be d escended vertically from the Balcony of the Council the equivalent to the Council was the Consell de la Ciutat ; and that its custody is charged to the Maestre Racional who will deliver it to the Justicia de lo Criminal Criminal Attorney for the civic commemorations and to the Chief of the Centenar de la Ploma local militia for the actions in defense of the Kingdom.

Curiously the guard of the crowned senyera is created on 23 July On the other hand in is mentioned the right to coining gold florines the common currency of the kingdoms in Valencia with the royal crown in its reverse and the right to write "Valencia" with the letter "L" crowned. About is mentioned a royal privilege for a lozenge-shaped shield with four red and five golden bars, corresponding to the king' s seal.

The militia of the Centenar de la Ploma , who was assigned the custody of the Royal Senyera , were distinguished by a pen in their helmets. Their banner was white with the red Saint George's Cross.

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