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Counting the victims. El Salvador reported 3, homicides in throughout its municipalities. The homicide rate varies widely across the country but is generally higher in more densely populated municipalities where gang activity concentrates.


The exact location of each homicide is unknown, so dots shown in red are distributed based on population density. Homicides by municipality, Each dot represents one homicide. Land of gangs. They took hold in El Salvador after thousands of members were deported. Homicide rate by municipality, Highest municipality rate per , Lowest rate with at least one homicide.

Municipality with no homicides. Grim statistic. Select homicide rates in the Americas, Homicides per , El Salvador. Dominican Republic. Costa Rica.

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United States. Fleeing to the U. The number of Salvadorans in the U. Though some immigrants lack legal status, the safety and opportunities found in the U. Immigrants to the U. Civil war. Uncertain future. Temporary protected status TPS legalizes U. If TPS is ended, many could face deportation. Cash flow at risk. That flow will diminish if deportations increase. A History of Violence. The U. Red circles show years that El Salvador had the highest homicide rate in the world.

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Average rate, — No data before Lower rates in and occurred during a government—negotiated truce between gangs. Riley D. Site of El Mozote massacre. Gulf of Fonseca. Lower rates in and occurred during a government— negotiated truce between gangs. An alleged thief lies dead in a bus after a passenger, in self-defense, shot him and another assailant who lived during an attempted robbery in downtown San Salvador.

The shooter fled the scene. Salvadoran police check for gang tattoos on the arm of a suspect found to have a gun hidden in his car. Gangs have adapted by discouraging members from getting tattoos that give away any affiliation. Julio rocks back and forth. Another text comes through, and he takes off. An MS gang member attends a literacy class in Chalatenango prison.

In exchange for good behavior, inmates can take part in a state-run rehabilitation program called Yo Cambio I Change that aims to prepare them for life after prison. The service honored a parishioner and ex-gang member killed by rivals after his release from prison. After reaching the U. In Moore's speech there is no antecedent for this phrase; consequently, the sentence makes no sense there. We have a hunger for something like authenticity, but are easily satisfied by an ersatz facsimile. Actually a statement by Miles Orvell, in The Real Thing: Imitation and Authenticity in American Culture, — There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.

Possibly a paraphrase of Bertrand Russell in My Philosophical Development : "This is one of those views which are so absurd that only very learned men could possibly adopt them. The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.

This has been attributed to Orwell on the internet, but the earliest source citing him as author appears to be a post from Jsnip4 on the RealistNews. Wikipedia has an article about: George Orwell.

Wikisource has original text related to: Author:George Orwell. Wikimedia Commons has media related to: George Orwell.

Comments on economics, politics, and life.

Categories : births deaths George Orwell. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia Wikisource. And we have students exhibiting mental illness who abuse their peers as well. Teachers and counselors put a band-aid on it.

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These kids need professional treatment. The California School System, and the American School System in general, has a year history of removing teacher controls, yet it doesn't replace what they remove with a corresponding mechanism of authority. It removes methods, but it doesn't replace it with anything. These rosie-glow reports from teachers in the school systems sound like the Japanese reports just before the Battle of Iwo Jima, "Ah, we planned for this, and everything … Read More.

California has moved students into middle school throughout the state who cannot write their own name, and also, when your teachers write examples in long-hand on their boards, California is not talking about the number of children in our schools who cannot follow the class because they cannot read cursive script. California, our school system is a C-. Hello; my two teenagers got together over the summer with some friends who decided to bring alcohol into my house. All the kids were reprimanded and faced consequences imposed by their parents. The principal of the school found this out and made them write a report of what happened and is taking harsh measures on them when this did not happened in school grounds.

Any advice, this is a private school.

See a Problem?

I teach middle school and we have real discipline problems. We have been trying to do PBIS for the last few years, and it has been a disaster. I am a big proponent of PBIS but there has to be the other more punitive for those that just want to take advantage of the system we have a lot of those. I believe many of these measures are not about helping the student as much … Read More. I believe many of these measures are not about helping the student as much as making the administration and educators feel good about themselves.

So it is okay for a first grader to scream, cry, throw tantrums, yell at the teacher and and call them names? What is that doing for the other 20 to 24 students in the classroom? No one at the office level wants do to anything so the student comes in 30 minutes later and immediately starts up again.

The teacher is being told that unless the student looks like they may hurt themselves or … Read More. The teacher is being told that unless the student looks like they may hurt themselves or others, nothing can be done. Good teacher about ready to quit. I'm all for positive enforcement. However, that works better for younger children.

When children are high school, as tall as their teachers and practicing willful defiance sitting them in a circle is not going to help. Willful defiance is saying "I'm not going to do what you say no matter what! I … Read More. I would love to other measures than expulsion because the drop rate is in at crisis levels now, but overall I think we need more discipline not less. I taught school in the good old days, when children had to behave. The teachers need to stop paying the union dues, so people running for office have less union money. The teachers should support politicians who will listen to what is needed to help them teach the students.

I teach in an inner-city school. This law continues to push educators out of teaching, especially inner-city schools. Our school is a great example of this. One of my sister teachers has endured so much harsh disrespectful behavior from a select number of students that she is already looking for a non-inner city school.

This is too bad because she is one of the most patient, positive, kind people I have … Read More. This is too bad because she is one of the most patient, positive, kind people I have ever met. Students openly defy her in class; one actually follows her around and literally taunts her. This student bullies other kids, steals, makes insulting comments to peers, and is simply a nuisance to many. I am a male, and he treats me completely different. I do the best I can to assist her with this student but the student ultimately will do to peers and teachers whatever he wants.

I support the notion that behaviors such as these need to be rectified as early as possible. This fair-tale concept is simply more failed idealism. Why should teachers and dedicated students suffer from such abuse? What happens when he take things to an even more egregious level? Who will be to blame: the teacher, guardian, parent, administrator, state of California? Many should not have children. If you have children and do not raise them to respect authority If you have children and spend most of your days away from them If you have children and frequently live a life as a horrible example to them If you have children and don't talk positively about teaches and others in positions of authority and heavy responsibility We can expect that the production of such offspring will … Read More.

We can expect that the production of such offspring will result in the sacrifice of a good education by those students who HAVE been raised by GOOD parents. And it always amazes me that there is such a vast array of people who truly believe that somehow NOT dealing seriously with something as serious as defiance is going to work…going to make things better.

Do you REALLY think that sitting down with defiant students and talking over them while they try to talk is going to get them to become somehow empathetic? Come on! Can we just get the truth out on the table, here! So I close by saying that the kind of demented policies and practices that you find in this article are not only a waste of time, but they are also a very bad thing for a classroom, a school, a district, and in the worst case, a state. I am a huge proponent of positive classroom management, which starts with respecting students, connecting with them, listening to them, and preparing the best learning environment and lessons I can for them to help them be successful in life, but you have to have a balance.

A child needs boundaries and those boundaries need to be real. It is a holistic system that is successful. I have taught for over 20 years in public schools … Read More. I have taught for over 20 years in public schools in California, and I know what works. I am well-liked by my students and many come back to visit year after year, and they would be the first to tell you I was strict.

They knew I cared about them because I stood behind my rules and I expected respect. When I had an administrator who supported me, and parents who cared, I had firm consequences in September, which meant a lot more fun and learning the rest of the year—for everyone. The other students count, too. What would really do a better job for students is to train them how to respect others, including teachers. Notice every time there is a change in the law it is either a step to be softer on kids, or more harsh on adults, especially the adult males.

There is less an less consequence for any bad behavior by kids. The culture has changed, and what was considered normal discipline by our grandparents is labeled child abuse today.

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It used to be that the parents were … Read More. It used to be that the parents were in charge, now the kids know they are boss, and they can detect this from a very early age. In prior generations kids wanted to grow up, today kids have a sort of peter pan syndrome frequently waning to stay a child.

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Many Kids show up to kindergarten disrespectful to adults. They have never been hit or yelled at , so they know they can do whatever they want. This causes some kids to turn into impossible little monsters, so in class they disrupt the environment for the well behaved kids. In addition, the parents have disempowered the teachers as they will sue if their kid is disciplined. In the past, we had some fear of teachers who would yell at us if we acted up. Since teachers can no longer yell at or discipline , suspension is the only tool they have. Now that has been taken away.

This law will make a bad situation worse. Now teachers are going to have to keep really bad kids in class,, kids who cuss them out , hit them and other kids, and generally make everybody miserable. We are facing a long term crisis in this country. The number of kids training to do work that needs to be done, like learning the skilled trades, is shrinking drastically.

Meanwhile, there is an epidemic of boys living and home with their parents and not working or going to school well into their thirties. Education has been feminized, and shop classes and trade school have disappeared almost completely. In the future in an area like coastal California , your kids will either have to live with you forever, or commute hours from an ugly, desert community from a cheesy house with Chinese drywall and splitting , yellowing vinyl windows to a low paid job utilizing their business or liberal arts or communications degree.

It takes discipline to study engineering or something useful , and with most parents and educators unwilling or afraid to instill it , the shortage we have in skilled workers and what they produce is going to progress. No wonder they are talking about allowing sq. My son is very smart he received a 4. In his freshman year of high school.